V-shaped Creative Long-mouth Plastic Watering Can


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Innovative Design for Efficient Plant Care

Introducing the V-shaped Creative Long-mouth Plastic Watering Can – a remarkable blend of form and function that reimagines plant watering. With its innovative V-shaped design, long spout, and durable plastic construction, this watering can becomes an indispensable tool for nurturing your plants with precision and style.



Revolutionary V-shaped Design

Experience a new era of plant care with the revolutionary V-shaped design of this watering can. The distinctive shape provides exceptional balance and control, allowing you to pour water evenly without straining your wrist or arm. Say goodbye to traditional, awkward watering can designs and welcome the ergonomic comfort of the V-shaped innovation.



Long Spout for Precision Watering

Achieve precision and accuracy like never before with the long spout of the Creative Long-mouth Watering Can. The extended spout enables you to target the root area of your plants, delivering water directly where it's needed most. This feature prevents water wastage and ensures optimal hydration for healthier, thriving plants.


Thoughtful Watering Experience

Elevate your plant care routine with the thoughtful watering experience offered by this watering can. The combination of the V-shaped design and the long spout creates a seamless and controlled pouring process. Whether you're tending to delicate indoor plants or nurturing outdoor gardens, this can enhances your interaction with your plants.




  • Material: PE
  • Weight: 150g

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