Mini Wifi Wide Angle Camera

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A basket full of sweets for everyone!

Don’t underestimate this small camera, it is the ultimate supervisor and protector for your car, your home and even yourself!



Hidden camera

Unlike traditional cameras, this mini camera is hard to see so the thief can’t find it easily and break it to delete the evidence.



Real-time view

The wifi camera will record and send back to your phone the real-time image without any delay.



Wide and clear vision

With the 90-degree viewing angle, high-resolution lens and upgraded night view technology, this camera will give you the most throughout vision without missing any detail in your home even at the dark night.



Motion-detection alert

When this camera detects suspicious motion, it will send an alert to your mobile phone so you can observe and find out the thief in time.




  • Material: Plastic
  • Resolution: 1080P
  • Video Format:
    • Normal: ASF
    • Pro: MP4
  • Viewing Angle: 90°
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 4.4cm / 0.9 x 1.7in

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